[FEEDBACK][SHOWCASE] First Showcase Game

This is just a small project I did while listening to sad music on loop. It was something to past time.
Game Link: In Memory of My Grandma (Showcase) - Roblox


Wrong category. This is not cool, and it does not look like a creation. Looks like you just smashed some free models together… that’s not a cool creation.

(this is a joke)
Props to you for making such a wonderful first showcase. Very nice.


Amazing work! This looks very realistic and very nice. Although I think you meant to have some dark places so I won’t put feedback on that.
The only thing I would say is maybe add like a white bottom thingy at the bottom of your walls or something to make it realistic other then that it is an amazing build!


Wow, I’m very impressed considering this is your first showcase!

Just a couple things: the wall separating the kitchen and the dining area don’t seem to be connected to the ceiling. I’m not sure if this was intentional, but it definitely is noticeable. As well, like someone else had already mentioned, the addition of skirting boards would further establish a sense of ‘realism’ to the showcase. Perhaps outlets and some extension cords and such as well (not sure if they’re already there or not because it isn’t visible from this angle).

Aside from those minor things, this is a wonderful build! It definitely hits home to many people, and in fact, I once lived in an apartment similar to this. A very nostalgic, and warm feeling. Excellent work!


This is amazing!! Very good considering it is your first showcase


Thanks for your feedback, Skirting boards would be great to add

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Wow this is pretty good, I could never. You should make some more showcases!



Amazing job on it, I love the realistic vibes and sun glare, the TV really caught my eye, good work on it! I’m sorry for you loss. :rocket:


I like what you have made. I like the realistic approach, and those little details add a nice touch to the overall design, making it look even better!

Amazing concept, especially the realistic feel, but once again, a little detail couldn’t hurt. You could add some more decor to the wall, maybe some cool designs of pictures, art or something that was placed on the walls in the apartment, maybe consider placing some tv cables placed on the (tv stand) plug in an outlet that would also work, since you remade the apartment you lived in I think it looks good I don’t know if there was plants placed in the corners of the build maybe add some if it’s needed that would be also great.

Overall, I’m liking the current feel of the apartment in particular it looks amazing.