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Hey Aethuza here! I recently started developing a new Simulator game. I have made this Black Market (Shop) and I would like to get some feedback on the building style. Do I need to change anything, add anything or keep it that way?

Also if you have any suggestions on what other builds I could make it would be fantastic.

*Game Genre: Sci-Fi, inspired by Cyberpunk 2077

I am looking forward hearing from you!

  • Aethuza

It looks good, it looks like an gaming shop or just gaming place. My suggestion: do an neon stroke around purple thing of course with different color to give people a little more contrast on it. Keep up good job! :slight_smile:

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Hey! I saw you recently joined Devforum, welcome!

The building style has a good start, I am guessing you are trying to achieve to the low poly look? If so, nice job. However, the details seem to be lacking. The scene seems a bit bland at first glance.

Let me upload some low poly sci-fi reference images to present my suggestions.

Starting off with the flooring. Your floor is very simplistic, just one black plane. Notice how in the 3 images I have shown, the modeler adds some extra detail to the flooring just to give something to look at? Add some scattered planes of color variation to give it more of a filled look. Or maybe try breaking the floor into sci-fi panels so it looks more 3D.

For the counter, I agree with @ArticGamerTV
A constant like Artic suggested may improve the look. Maybe also try adding a vent like a look to it, so it isn’t just a big panel of light.

On the right back corner of the room, try adding some shelves or props to it and add just a tiny bit of light so it’s still very dark, but you can see some objects in the shadows. This will give the feeling that there is more to the scene.

In your scene, the crates maintain a low poly look will still have a good amount of detail. However, this theme is a bit inconsistent because the lights to the left of your scene are way too simplistic looking compared to the other parts of the scene. Maybe add some shapes on the lights like hexagons or trapezoids and make the color a little darker than the main body of the lights. This will once again give a little more to look at.

Overall, my suggestions are just small details. Your scene looks really good. As for the reference images, for the details and objects of your scene try taking some inspiration from them to see how you can up the smaller details.

Good luck!

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