Feedback/suggestions on creating fur on low poly animals/creatures

Hi guys! So I’m currently developing a semi-rp wolf game where the players will eventually be able to unlock new species by levelling up, completing quests etc. and have started finalising the wolf redesign model.

I would like some suggestions on how to go about making fur however as I’m struggling to make it look similar to the concept in terms of placement etc. An example of some of the fur I’ve added to the model is below but other than this, the model itself looks IMMENSELY different from the concept I drew and wondering if anybody has any specific tips on how to model as closely as possible to concepts for the next time I try and model an animal/creature or other.


Looking really good!
I did notice though, it looks like the body parts seperate pieces, how do you plan on rigging it?


Thank you! Also, I didn’t think the body parts not being joined together would be a problem when it come’s to rigging tbh haha so not sure now.


Just a buncha noobs… howls to the moon… :wolf::wolf::wolf:

I like the asset! Although you should add some more repeated fur all around the place and made the wolf a little shorter than the character, like they are in real life. I also recommend splitting the tail so you can animate both parts normally.



For stylized I would suggest making the fur clumpier and larger. Small little clumps like that end up making it look spikey instead of fluffy


Ah okay, I noticed with other low poly models that have fur they tend to make the fur strands large tbf, thank you for your feedback!

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