Feedback/Suggestions on sci fi themed guns!

Hey there developers! I have been working on some gun models lately and need some suggestions on them!

  • I want them to look good and close to sci fi!
  • I need to have some suggestions on what to add to them!
  • I have already talked to some friends on some suggestions and I have updated the weapons with that feedback.

Here are some screenshots of the gun models. Please comment some suggestions if possible.


You could possibly add laser decorations to the weapons or rockets for bigger guns.


Wow, these are incredible. They look awesome the way they are, but if you have to change anything then change the Light green color on the 3rd gun. The color is quite earthy and it looks a bit odd with what you’re trying to go for. Try any type of darker green, and see how it fits. Maybe even add some more neon lighting to it. Other than that, phenomenal work man.

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I get that these gun designs are sci-fi, but ergonomics still apply. For example, the stock on the first gun looks very uncomfortable since it’s almost a peg. The grip flares out at the bottom, but real grips maintain roughly equal thickness throughout their length

Now, the LMG. Most guns are built for right handed people. This isn’t too much a problem for guns that use box magazines, but for a belt-fed LMG, like the one here, is designed seemingly to be exclusively left handed. I also don’t understand the second belt magazine sitting up top, and I don’t see a specific spot for your support hand to hold the gun.

I don’t entirely know what the third gun is. Seems to be similar to the Halo Fuel Rod? Looks painful to operate as the spikes dig into your shoulder. The grip is a small box that looks like an AK series magazine.

For the SMG, it’s kind of blob-shaped in general. If these are sci-fi, try experimenting with magazine designs so that they’re not just sticks protruding from the bottom. For example, I’m guessing these are actually battery packs; this would allow you to make the magazine any shape you want. You could design the magazine to fit flush with the rest of the gun’s body, which would indicate scientific advancement far more than some bright lights all over them. The cable running from the middle of the gun to the top of the barrel serves no obvious purpose, which wouldn’t be a problem normally, but loose elements on guns are typically a bad idea as they can snag on the environment and other equipment. Also consider that in an advanced sci-fi design, whatever purpose that cable serves would probably be achieved internally within the structure of the gun.

The sniper has no obvious way to fire it. That cylinder below the main barrel usually houses the automatic recoil loading system for automatic or semi-automatic conventional firearms. This would not be necessary for these presumed energy weapons.

Overall, the guns are too thick and bulky. They also all lack sights other than the sniper.

Again, I get the effort to make them look sci-fi, but they need to follow basic consistencies to be believable. You have a lot of neat design concepts, just try to imagine an actual person wielding them as you design their shape. Take a look at actual guns and learn each part and why they exist, then modify them to fit a sci-fi environment.


Really like your gun build they look awesome! not simplistic and not to detailed overall perfect!

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I have never been a fan of futuristic looking guns, but those are really good
But for some reason, this gun has two belt fed spots, is that supposed to be part of the design? Screenshot_20200416-010134-1

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Yeah, I put an extra to make it look cooler.