Fennel and Erde language support in Roblox!


Howdy folks! I am back again with another language I have been able to get working with Roblox. I kind of get a rise out of getting other programming languages to work inside of Roblox studio, its a lot of fun. Next on my list is Moonscript.

What is it

Today I bring to you two GitHub repos that come with executables that allow you to use either Fennel or Erde for game development! I personally love Fennel and its Lisp like syntax! It has become one of my favorite languages to use and it packs a lot of features that Luau doesn’t yet support such as destructuring, symbol support, multi assignment, any many other features. I’ve actually been working on a game using the Fennel_Roblox executable I linked below. The game is called Up and Away and its just obby, but the the cool thing is all of the code was written in Fennel, not Lua! Now on the other end of the spectrum there is Erde. Erde is basically if JavaScript and Lua had a baby. Erde comes with a JavaScript like syntax, but it also supports some nice features that are missing from Luau such as, destructuring and parameter defaults. I highly suggest you give each of them a look, they are both wonderful languages created by some amazing individuals.

How does it work

The way these executables work is you start them up just like you would Rojo. Infact they require Rojo.
Once you create a .fnl or a .erde file the executable sees that and adds it to a watch list. It then gets tracked for changes every 3 seconds. If a change occurs then the executable calls a compile command and then turns the Fennel or Erde code into a Lua file! Now this is were Rojo comes in. Rojo pulls the newly created Lua file into Studio and boom! You are coding a Roblox game in a different language!