Ferris wheel part

Hello! I’ve been wanting to have a Ferris wheel in my bakery for a long time. I’m able to build it but I’m having trouble with the spinning part. The part is spinning towards the ground as shown in the picture.

I’ve tried changing the X axis Y axis and Z axis but it goes back to the same position. I do not have the script anymore.

Can someone please send a script so that the part spins? I’m not having trouble with anything else but the spinning part. Thank you for reading. :slight_smile:

Hi there! This isn’t really the place to ask for complete scripts, but you should be able to achieve this effect a number of different ways. The one you seem to be pursuing is changing the CFrame of a part at the center of the Ferris wheel (I’m guessing the PrimaryPart of the model?). What you currently have (“Mine”) seems to be rotating the part about the Y axis. What you actually want will depend on which way the Ferris wheel is facing, but you should rotate about the X or Z axes.

You could also use a Hinge Constraint set to a motor actuator. You can visit this page for details on how to create a similar system–a rotating platform–using hinges: https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/articles/building-a-turning-platform.

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Since Ferris Wheels have platforms that rotate around the edges of a central wheel I’m pretty sure trying to CFrame this complex assembly would be more difficult than having the Wheel assembly mounted on a HingeConstraint set to motor as @USAHAPPY mentioned, with the platforms on their own HingeConstraints that just rely on gravity to keep them rotating like a real Ferris Wheel does.

Also your post states the part is ‘spinning towards the ground as shown in the picture’ but in reality both the MINE and WANT diagrams show a Part that’s oriented at different angles with arrows that don’t really explain the pivot point and don’t show anything ‘spinning towards the ground’.


Not very practical, but you could possibly use a loop and anchoring only the root part of the wheel. Then use the loop to do incremental spins. Optionally, use TweenService.

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