Feudal Japan | Update 1.1

Update 1.1

  • Map nature & plantation revamp
  • Forest Kodai
  • Blood system revamp (squirts create blood splatter on impact)
  • Added mobile shift-lock
  • Background Pagoda Render Fidelity Precise > Automatic
  • Revamped info bars


  • Patched some objects with PBR (physics based render) emitting metal footsteps instead of the texture the object has
  • Patched emote wheel not being sized correctly on all screens
  • Patched mobile run randomly stopping even when the context button is held
  • Patched external database servers still being rendered even after the server closes
  • Patched health & stamina bars being offsetted a little
  • Patched character tilt being unresponsive sometimes
  • Patched a flaw where exploiters could infinitely heal them self
  • Patched player collisions not working correctly sometimes
  • Patched one of the Torii’s collisions being off
  • Patched sideways blood

Previous Update (1.0)

  • Mobile Compatibility

  • Bridgelands region

  • Removed chunk system because it was redundant, but might add back in the near future

  • Stamina reduction has been lowered

  • Adjusted lighting settings to appeal eyes

  • Added Settings

  • Redid regional interface

  • Updated the Exp requirement logic

  • Exp bar is now no longer visible; is only visible on kill or if you press semicolon ( ; )

  • Instead made water kill instantly

  • Reduced blood and spark emit count

  • Redid cemetery

  • Added statues you can revive for special perks and items

  • Redid the katana animation set

  • Removed the barrier near Shrine 1’s cliff

  • Katana Damage 30 > 35

  • Kill Exp 50 > 75

  • Storm Length 06:28 > 10:00

Credits: Feudal Japan | Credits
Date: September 30, 2021