Feudal Japan | Update 1.2

Update 1.2

  • Procedural lighting (atmosphere is no longer snapped/instant, and is instead followed by a daynight cycle)
  • New profile, intro, toolbar and level up screen
  • Toro recolor and fencing resize
  • Optimized terrain
  • Radial death bar in bottom right


  • Patched some objects with PBR (physics based render) emitting metal footsteps instead of the texture the object has (again)
  • Patched sword animations not replicating
  • Patched where you wouldn’t actually earn EXP from killing a player, instead it would set it to the amount it was trying to reward
  • Patched mobile shiftlock error if you’re on computer

Previous Update (1.1)

  • Map nature & plantation revamp
  • Forest Kodai
  • Blood system revamp (squirts create blood splatter on impact)
  • Added mobile shift-lock
  • Background Pagoda Render Fidelity Precise > Automatic
  • Revamped info bars

Credits: Feudal Japan | Credits
Date: October 10, 2021