Fiésta Public Handbook

:avocado: Fiésta Public Handbook

Greetings! Welcome to the Fiésta Public Handbook. Here, you are able to find very valuable information to help you along your journey within Fiésta. In this handbook, you are able to find information such as guides, terms and conditions of our group and so onwards. You may also be able to find answers to any question you may have related to Fiésta.

What is Fiésta?
:palm_tree: Fiésta aims to be one of the most professional, and highest-achieving restaurants on ROBLOX. We strive to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their visit and are accompanied by Fiésta’s hard-working staff team at all times. Here at Fiésta, we can ensure you that you will not regret joining our community. We acknowledge each individual customer in which is upon our establishment and listen to everything our community has to say. Our goal within Fiésta is to ensure that our facilities can provide enough entertainment for all audiences to play and enjoy!

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General Handbook

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Within this code of conduct, you will be able to access and find all of Fiésta’s behavioural system, how you should act within our facilities, what to do within our community and what NOT to do. Please note that breaking any of these guidelines may result in consequences given, so please keep these in mind whilst communicating amongst our community.


We insist on you all being respectful to one another, in the same way that you would like to be treated back. It is a straightforward form of generosity. Anyone caught being disrespectful to one another or a staff member will face consequences.


When chatting amongst the community, it is important to be mature. This can impact the way other community members or staff members see you as an individual. It may also affect you when applying for a job, or any other rank opposition.

Common Sense

At Fiésta, we strongly advise our community and staff members to thoroughly think about something before they undergo the action. Given this, we strongly advise you to use common sense when chatting within Fiésta, to ensure that you are saying the right things, and to make sure that you give off the right sense to other individuals.


Here at Fiésta, we are very strict on any trolling within our facilities. Given this, if you are caught trolling within any of Fiésta facilities, you will be given 1 chance to stop. If you continue to undergo the action, you will be immediately banned from the server, given reasoning as to why you were banned.


It is important to remember that you are within another individual’s group. Given this, we advise each and every one of you to please keep your personal social links and servers away from Fiésta. This is to stop the spread of Fiésta’s customers. If you are caught advertising within one of our channels, we will instantly sanction you. If you catch someone advertising in your messages who is a member of Fiésta, please screenshot the evidence and report it to a member of the Leadership Team immediately, this way we are able to sanction the individual.


It is fond within Fiésta to ensure that you do not spam within our server, or group facilities. It simply just ruins other’s experiences and is wasting your own time. Given this, we strongly advise you to not spam, for your own good, and to ensure that you are being mindful of others.


To stop the spread of any undignified actions within Fiésta, we strongly advise you to wear appropriate attire whilst visiting any of our facilities. This is to ensure that others do not feel uncomfortable when visiting our facilities, and to keep in mind that we may have some younger audiences amongst our games, so please keep track of what you are wearing.


Language is a very large aspect of Fiésta that we focus majorly upon. This is to ensure that our community remains safe, and very environmental for any audiences. This can be to prevent any homophobic or racial accusations from coming within our community.

Training Schedule

Training Schedule

Here, you are able to find out what time training is hosted. This is to ensure that you make it on time, in order to be able to rank up.

Monday to Sunday -


These are the scheduled and official training times for Fiésta. Given these, you are to attend the following sessions at the following times in order to get into the session correctly. You are also able to refer to the group shout in order to find out what times trainings are at.

Rank Descriptions

Rank Descriptions

In this part of the handbook, you are able to find descriptions of all of the ranks that Fiésta has to offer. This way, you are able to see what you are eligible of working up towards, and what to expect when visiting the Fiésta group. Keeping these in mind when applying for ranks, as it may affect your decision as to applying towards positions.

Visitor - A generic role within Fiésta, the first rank you obtain when joining the group.

Honoured Visitor - Roles given to resigned High Ranks+, and those who have a special part within Fiésta, such as investors and advisors, so onwards.

Business Partner - A role given to those who are allied with our group and are standing as representatives for their group.

Awaiting Training - First rank you obtain after passing the application.

Junior Staff - One of the first ranks to obtain after passing your first training session. You are to get 3/5 in the training in order to obtain this rank.

Intermediate Staff - This rank is obtainable after gaining 250 XP in the main game. It is ONLY obtainable this way.

Skilled Staff - The last rank needed before you are eligible of receiving a promotion to Kitchen Leader. To receive this rank, you are to get 500 XP in the main game. From here, you are to work hard to achieve your next available rank.

Kitchen Leader - The last Low Rank of Fiésta. To achieve this rank, you are expected to work hard. You can not gain this rank by getting a certain amout of XP. This rank is ONLY obtainable through Middle Rank recognition.

Management Intern - The first Middle Rank. As a Management Intern, you do not have commands at the restaurant, because you are yet to go through an internship in order to become an official Middle Rank.

Assistant Supervisor - If you successfully complete your internship, you will be promoted to Assistant Supervisor. As this rank, you must train at training sessions, manage the restaurant, and handle trollers and exploiters.

Kitchen Supervisor - This rank is obtained by working hard as an Assistant Supervisor, and remaining consistently active. As this rank, you now are able to host at trainings.

Assistant Manager - Obtained after showing dedication as your previous rank. As this rank, you are now able to host shifts at the restaurant and promote Trainees at training sessions.

General Manager - A rather large step in the Middle Rank team. As this rank, you are able to request promotions for others, and promote Skilled Staff to Kitchen Lead erwho have been recognised.

Developer - This rank is given to those who have contributed to the games found within Fiésta. This can be building, scripting or animating; so onwards. Only obtained through the Owner’s decisions.

Executive Assistant - A newly promoted High-Ranked member of staff that can promote Middle ranks. This rank is tasked with completing department work. Members of the High Rank team work in either the Staffing Department or in the Relations Department.

Executive Officer - Executive Officers remain as a low-ranked member of the Staffing or Relations Department, meaning they do not take control on the overall category, but help manage it. Members who are part of this rank can recommend Middle Ranks for a High Rank promotion.

Executive Director - Highest High Rank. Users of this rank has worked extremely hard as an Executive Officer and have been promoted by the Super Rank team. Executive Directors usually Co Lead a department of their choice. This rank is also in charge of doing High Rank promotions.

Vice President - Users of this rank has worked extremely hard as an Executive Director and have been promoted by the Leadership team. This rank can also recommend High Ranks for a Super Rank promotion and demote High Ranks.

President - Users of this rank has been promoted by one of the Owners for their hard work and massive dedication. The president is able to promote High Ranks to a Super Rank.

Co Owner - Co Owner of Fiésta. This rank is not achievable.

Owner - In charge of the entire group. This rank is not ahievable.

Affiliate Information

Alliance Information

In this portion of the handbook, you will be able to find out about our alliance requirements, and our questions in order to become an alliance with Fiésta. This way, you are able to spread the work amongst our group, and host joint events with Fiésta. Those who represent their group, will receive the Affiliate Representative role, to show that you are supporting your group.

Alliance Requirements

It is important to have requirements within Fiésta, as it can allow us to expand amongst our range of groups who would like to ally with us. Given this, if your group meets the requirements below, please feel free to direct message a member of the Relations Department with a google doc containing your application.


  • A minimum of 50 non-botted members.
  • Good activity.
  • Professional staff.
  • No game pass that offers a moderative/administration position or grants access to administrative powers may be sold.

Alliance Questions

Here, you are able to find the alliance questions that you will be asked if you are willing to form an alliance with Fiésta.

[1] Why do you want to form an alliance with Fiésta?

[2] How will your group contribute ours?

[3] What is one thing you would look forward to doing amongst our community?

[3] Do you meet all of the requirements that is stated within our Public Handbook?

[5] Would you be willing to host events connected to Fiésta? If so, what events would you have in mind?

[6] Do you have any questions related to allying with Fiésta? If so, please state them below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions. Here, you are able to find many questions that you, or the community may ask very commonly, and we have the answers to all of them! Do you not see a question that you need answering here? Don’t fret, as you can always make your way over to a member of staff and ask them the question!


How do I get a job here? - Simply join our group and apply at our application centre! Then, you will need to attend a training session in order to begin working. If you’re looking to rank up further, then make your way over to the main game and achieve the amount of XP required for your next rank. This way, you are eligible of ranking up through hard work and dedication.

Can I get MR here? - Unfortunately, we do not hand out ranks that easily. To become an MR, you are either given the option to work your way up from the starting point, or wait for MR resumes/applications to come out so you prove that you’re eligible of working for us as a Higher Rank!

How can I rank up from Kitchen Leader? - Ranking up from Kitchen Leader takes hard work, activity and dedication. You have to show and prove that you are committed towards your job and show that you are worthy. The promotion guide is below to those who are interested in ranking up.

Low Rank Promotion Guide

LR Promotion Guide

Here, you are able to find crucial information to get promoted as a Low Rank. This can be from Junior Staff to Kitchen Leader, or Kitchen Leader to Management Intern.

Skilled Staff - Kitchen Leader

Skilled Staff to Kitchen Leader is a rather big jump in the Low Rank category. Jumping from Skilled Staff to Kitchen Leader allows you the opportunity to look towards obtaining your first Middle Rank. In order to rank up from Skilled Staff to Kitchen Leader, it is very much required that you remain dedicated towards your job. You have a possibility to get this promotion if you work hard and are professional.

Another way of getting Kitchen Leader is by showing respect to your peers, and customers. This way, it will bring a good reputation your way, giving you a higher chance of being promoted from your role. Unfortunately, here at Fiésta, we do not take recommendations from customers, as it can be exploited in a way for individuals to cheat their way through the ranks. Given this, we leave it down to our Middle Rank+ team to define who is eligible of gaining Kitchen Leader, and who isn’t.

Following through with these aspects, you will gain Kitchen Leader in a matter of time. Please keep in mind that for many people within the working community, it can take different amounts of time to gain a rank, given the competition you are up against.

Kitchen Leader - Management Intern

Jumping from Kitchen Leader to Management Intern means that you have shown our High Ranks your capabilities as a Low Rank, and you are now ready to take on Middle Rank responsibilities! As a Middle Rank, you receive many more opportunities and duties, such as attending trainings, supervising the restaurant, and so on. It is important to remember that it WILL take longer than it did to receive Kitchen Leader. This is sincerely because it is a bigger opportunity and duty, given being a Middle Rank. Below are the requirements you must follow in order to receive this promotion:

  • Consistently work at the restaurant for at least a week.
  • Assist during training sessions.
  • Do not hint.
  • Be professional.
  • Use grammar.
  • Be over the age of 13.
  • Be in the communications server.

It is important to also remember that enjoying yourself and not expecting a promotion can speed up the process. If you aim towards different goals, such as how long you have been Kitchen Leader for, it may actually speed up the process, and you shall most likely receive Management Intern before you know it.

Thank you for reading over our Public Handbook. We hope we have answered any question you have related to Fiésta. Please remember, if we have not answered a question that you would like to know, please open a General Support ticket in the communications server.
It is important to read over this handbook, as it may contain some very valuable information that you may of been looking for.

Fiésta Leadership.