FIB3 Vs Voxel / Lighting inside of Garage

A day ago a user asked me what my game with FIB3 would look like and honestly, this result would not turn out as I expected inside the garage, however, outside the garage the environment if it convinced me
Here I leave you the difference between illuminations
Answer: A lighting that feels good and adequate between one of these two but inside the Garage

- murjarquitecto




Both technology looks almost similar (Voxel lighting) sort of has a dim lighting appearance which is good for a garage build scene.

I don’t really think it doesn’t matter what lighting source you choose to add to your province. You should always experiment instill you find one that fits the scene whether it be voxel future is bright, or shadowmap I’ll choose voxel over future is bright if your wanting a more realistic lighting stick to the one that suits your liking. Future is bright has a more bright appearance while voxel has a dim lighting look added to the scene.

This question doesn’t really need a lot of depth nor is there a correct answer to go about this, you could pick and choose and see which one that looks good to you basically - experiment.

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