FieldOfView Help

Hello! I am Domderp999. Live Event Creator. If you are familiar with HD Admin, you might know the ;warp command. If you dont, go try it out right now. Basically, It makes your field of view massive. However, the maximum field of view point is 120, so how does this command work?

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FieldOfView is basically making your screen zoom in and out. It is useful for certain things in a game, for example using binoculars or music beats.

It can only go from 0 - 120 degrees. To understand more click here.

But using the ;warp command, it goes to 360… So, Im confused…

Maybe because it was just created without using Roblox’s FieldOfView.

How would they do that though?

Using CFrames and binding to the renderstep! I would recommend searching using keywords on google, since this question already has been asked, but here’s the topic that allows for larger FOVs: Increase FOV to higher than 120? - #7 by NowDoTheHarlemShake