FieldOfView of a Player

How i change a Player’s Field Of View? RemoteEvent?

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Depends on how you want it. If you want it to be changed when they load in then go to StarterPlayer and scroll down on properties and change the fov number to whatever you want.

If you want it to be controlled by a ui then you can just look up tutorials on yt.

Isn’t that, im making a pistol that changes your FOV when you press “F”.

Are you changing the FOV on the client?

Yeah that’s what im talking 'bout.

Camera has a field of view property for this. Access the player’s camera with workspace.CurrentCamera. You only need a remote event if you’re needing the server to tell a client what to make their field of view as you cannot set it from the server.

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I was using the FOV change in the Tool.Activated:Connect(function(plr) thank you for making me remind the workspace.CurrentCamera now i can change a Player’s FOV.