Fields & Fire Changelog

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24th March 2022 (Medical Update) v0.0.3
Added a new medical & health system to the game.
Added medical boxes, use them to replenish your health.
Added a new “kill cam” effect when you die.
Improved blood effects & replaced/updated the death sounds.
When shot multiple times, your limbs may detach and become un-usable.

Added a new contention text indicator above the bridge area.
Added a lantern to the side of knapsacks for night/dark gameplay.
Added new weapon icons to the hot bar.
Added a semi-transparent outline to the overhead names.
Added a custom chat style, with antique font, grey background, and transparency.
Replaced and updated the game soundtrack.
Major lag reductions, the game should now run smoother.
Minor lighting and fog improvements.
Fixed bugs where music and death sounds wouldn’t play.
Fixed menu issues affecting a small number of players.

27th November 2021 (Weather Update) v0.0.2
Added various types of weather to the game.
Added morning, day, evening and night cycles to the game.
Added 3rd person camera support for all weapons.

Added ranks and usernames above players.
Added ground blood effect when you are damaged.
Added chat tips to help new players.
Added various candles in buildings to illuminate them at night.
Added “Commander” rank at 3000XP.
Moved “General” rank to 5000XP.
Added ranks information tab to the menu.
Changed the chat fonts to fit the game style.
Increased the damage of revolvers at close range.
Decreased the damage of revolvers at long range.
Decreased the damage done by melee weapons.
Removed Winchester 1853 Rifle.
Fixed some terrain bugs and issues near the lake.
Fixed various small bugs.

19th November 2021 (Winter Update) v0.0.1
Grass and paths have been covered in snow.
Rivers, lakes and waterfalls are now frozen in place.
Tree textures have been changed to a “snowy pine” texture.

Added Winchester 1853 Rifle
Removed the limited edition Rose Withworth.
Changed tree patterns to make the game feel less crowded.
Fixed the path from the confederate hill so it isn’t as bumpy.
Fixed some small terrain bugs.
Fixed a bug where your weapons wouldn’t load the next round if you died when a battle ended.