[Fighting] Need Beta tester and give feedback for my first fighting game

Hello developer!

We’re WANNABE team and currently working on a game called “Internet PVP” and we’re working really hard to get it done for a year and now it’s ready to be test

Since this is a beta stage of testing, we expect you to find bugs, providing feedback, and don’t forget to have fun!

Internet PVP

About the game

Internet PVP is easy-to-play but competitive fighting game where you can choose to be any character (mostly came from the internet). The fighting mechanic is not too complex (since it using R6) and there also level up system where you can upgrade yourself to be (a little bit) stronger. Each character also have their unique upgrade, passive, and skill.

Game Features:

  • Free-for-all Battlefield
  • Unlock new character
  • Awesome and unique attack power
  • Level up and upgrade your stat
  • Fun to play, if you like pvp game >:D


  • Any age
  • Any gender
  • Any education
  • Any cultural background
  • Anyone can be our tester! We’re welcoming everyone to a part of our community >:D (even tho it’s better if you know a bit of coding background to help debugging the game and to find errors on developer console)
  • If you are good with pvp game, will be given special consideration

What you have to do

  1. If you want to provide feedback or wanna be a part of our community. Join my Discord server: InternetPVP_dev Group and accept the invite request
  2. Verify yourself, follow the instruction on #how-to-verify (If you not do this, you’ll not able to access any content on my server)
  3. You are ready to test the game now → Internet PVP [BETA] - Roblox

Ps. You can also ask anything under this forum post if you have any problem, I’ll try my best to answer all the questions as much as I can. Also, have fun testing >:D


Please make sure to read and set this property:
The game was quite confusing though. I entered the Windows XP Map and there was no one I could fight against. Interesting game, though.

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thx for testing out. I just release beta so ofc there still no player as the game is unknown. This game is best playing with 2 player or more so it confusing to play alone. However, thanks a lot for the link, I never know that exist.

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hola este es mi juego podían probarlo y dar su comentario en esta publicación el juego aun es beta a ase necesita dos jugadores mas recomendable en pc :