Figuring out when a user thumbnail is content deleted

When using Players:GetUserThumbnailAsync is there any way to tell is the thumbnail is content deleted?

Before anyone guesses that the boolean returned in the tuple describes that, I tried and it doesn’t.

A player thumbnail should (most likely) never be content deleted. There is no way to tell from the returned values but you could do something along the lines of checking if the player’s content was deleted. That would only work though if that was the reason why the thumbnail was deleted. Even then though, I though that just made their thumbnail into the default character. Could you explain why you need this?

It seems to be relatively common - for example at the time of writing this this guy has a content deleted avatar.

It’s not a major issue, but I thought it’d be nice to check for it so I could use a default picture if it ever happened since otherwise the picture used is the content deleted icon.

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I guess you can check if their clothing items have been content deleted by the clothing names. This would be a lot of requests though. I think a good question would be how important this is, because the function still returns stuff and no code will be broken.

Not important at all, so I guess I’ll just live without it.