"File -> Download a Copy" not available when focused on a script

Reproduction Steps

1) Create a project and publish it
2) Open a script

Expected Behavior

File -> Download a Copy should be available when focused on any window

Actual Behavior

File -> Download a Copy is only available when focused on the 3D space window


I need to focus on the 3D space window to be able to download a copy

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly

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If the Roblox team understands that I shouldn’t report minor bugs, please let me know.

I dont think this is a bug and more of a security thing. They probably did this so you can not save a place where one of its scripts is being written to and loaded into memory. That could lead to some problems.

Okay, here we go again discussing whether WE think it’s a bug or a feature request, when in fact Roblox defines it.
Anyway, it makes no difference, as pretty much all bug reports and feature requests will be literally ignored by Roblox…
But I do my part. Whether Roblox will solve it or not, is another story…

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A bug that isn’t a bug. How Ironic.
It’s also probably for security reasons.

Yeah I agree! No

In all seriousness, please change that to very low.

If this isn’t the expected Behavior, then I can Repro it.