"File -> Download a Copy" not available when focused on a script

Reproduction Steps

1) Create a project and publish it
2) Open a script

Expected Behavior

File -> Download a Copy should be available when focused on any window

Actual Behavior

File -> Download a Copy is only available when focused on the 3D space window


I need to focus on the 3D space window to be able to download a copy

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly


If the Roblox team understands that I shouldn’t report minor bugs, please let me know.

I dont think this is a bug and more of a security thing. They probably did this so you can not save a place where one of its scripts is being written to and loaded into memory. That could lead to some problems.

Okay, here we go again discussing whether WE think it’s a bug or a feature request, when in fact Roblox defines it.
Anyway, it makes no difference, as pretty much all bug reports and feature requests will be literally ignored by Roblox…
But I do my part. Whether Roblox will solve it or not, is another story…


It’s also probably for security reasons.

Yeah I agree! No

In all seriousness, please change that to very low.

If this isn’t the expected Behavior, then I can Repro it.

Thanks for the report! We are looking into this.


But here’s the thing: you CAN actually download the place with a script open for editing, just not when the script editor is focused.

Detach the 3d viewport from Studio’s main window and open a script. Focus on the viewport and now attempt to download a copy. See? It’s there, despite the script editor being opened.

It isn’t about security. It’s an artificial frontend limitation.

A bug that is a bug and you contributed literally nothing to this thread, only repeated what someone else said and made it more toxic. Please consider deleting your post.

Hmm, maybe other people have workflows that require constant use of Download a Copy button and are heavily affected by this bug?

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Yeah, you’re right:

Oh no, I can’t focus the Workspace and Click on that Button :open_mouth:.

Could you also give an Example where other people need this?
(please also DM me, if you would like to continue this conversation)

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Hey everyone! Just circling back here. I’ve confirmed this isn’t a defect. Going to close out the thread.