File Menu page is out of date, missing info

The File Menu page is out of date and not consistent with the order, making it harder than expected to read.

  • Add “Save to Roblox As…”
  • Add “Game Settings” and describe what it does.
  • Update “Settings…” to “Studio Settings…”

Under the Advanced heading:

  • Update “Open Recent Saves” to “Open Auto Saves”
  • Remove " Publish Whole Game" from this list as it’s no longer exists.
  • Add “Upload Log Files” and describe what it does.
  • Remove “Find new plugins published to Roblox” from Manage Plugins description, as that’s found in the Toolbox.

I posted a similar developer hub feedback topic a while ago, and I feel like these both have the same issues. Just in case any editors of the developer hub are watching, you could fix this issue at the same time.

Thank you!

I was confused all this time aswell, thank you for the extra information

Thank you very much for flagging this! I have logged it as an issue, so it will be on our prioritized todo backlog.