File name contains inappropriate text?

So I need to upload a file for my gamepass (a donation) but an error keeps coming up “The file name contains inappropriate text”

I tried renaming it a bunch of times but nothing worked…



What names are being rejected?


What’s the name of the file you’re trying to upload? It could get rejected if it contains numbers, the word “Robux,” etc.

I am actually having a similar problem, but with a description on this post here:

Maybe you could add the name to your post also, so people could get a better understanding.

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Hi, if you want helpi, you need to send file name.

Maybe do something like, “RbxDoIcon”
That could work. I did that and the name worked, not sure about a robux icon for the image though.

Talk with roblox support and they should remove your warning/ban message

I named the file “art.png” and it still filtered

Yeah I renamed it multiple times. The names were all clean like art, icon, gamepass

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Still an issue. Can’t upload any images at all :confused:

Okay, this issue came up in the past and is NOT a problem with the file name, it’s a problem with the name of the gamepass instead:

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I tried fixing the name, and it still doesn’t work. Unless “hi” is filtered.

It could also be the description.

Nope. (see image below)


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Try using studio, as the website uploading is no longer maintained that well.

No error this time, but when I press update, I get the confirmation message, but nothing actually gets updated.

That happend to me too, apperantly the file name counts, because when I was making a decal flag in my game, I was being lazy and named the file: “Oofie

I think roblox has something against the name “Oofie” Once I used that named I was banned for 7 days for “Innapropriate Name.” Be careful what you name your files!

to chime in here - the specific string that’s tested is the gamepass name + the filename. our text filter is fairly strict so it tends to be more cautious than not, so one way to get around uploading the file would be to first upload the file with a safe gamepass name, then changing the name of the gamepass afterwards to what you’d like it to be


Oh! That makes more sense. Thanks!