File Refresh/Restart Button

In studio when working on a game for a longer time period it’s likely that a plugin or studio itself will develop a bug. This can hinder your development so the usual method is to save, close and then reopen the file.

For simplicity’s sake would a Restart button that: Saves, Closes and Reopens the file be a good addition to studio?

Interesting request. What sort of bugs are you running into that are causing such issues? If it’s plugins, the plugin developers should be responsible for fixing those errors. Same goes for studio bugs and the devs working on studio. I’d rather have the problems fixed than add a workaround.

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Two issues I frequently experience are:

  • Using studio tools with Build v4 open causes build to be able to select any part regardless of it being locked- being fixed soon.

  • Studio explorer expand buttons messing up and not showing all the children or the expand buttons on the left of the objects.

No complex software is completely bug proof, there’s always going to be bugs with new updates and so forth.

In this case I think a workaround would be valid.

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This was actually fixed a short while ago. Close and update studio if you haven’t already.

Happened to me again today.

I believe I experienced it yesterday and the day before.

It was fixed only three hours ago @ScriptOn, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you experienced it earlier than that

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