File Select system showcase!

I know this might not necessarily be “creative”, but for over the past 2 weeks, I have been working on a file select system on Roblox, where you can save data onto a single file, then once you leave and come back, you click on the data that you want to load, and all the data is loaded onto your player.

For example, in Mario 64, there is something called a ‘File Select’ section, where you can create a new save file or load a save file. That’s basically what I have been working on, and it hasn’t been easy since Day 1 as it seemed like save files would get corrupted, save files wouldn’t save, save files wouldn’t load, etc.

file select

After fixing these issues with what I was trying to achieve, this is what I have created so far. It is a representation of a ‘File Select’ system, and it is going to advance as my programming skills advance. I do find this surprising and very cool, how about you? Please let me know your feedback on this ‘File Select’ system, it would help a lot!

Thank you.

Also, thank you @lV0rd for helping me with saving data.


this is amazing, very few games have save slots


Hey man that’s amazing! I love the idea of mario type data saving with save files, and you’re welcome for the help!


This is not good, this is AMAZING!
I like the idea tho


This looks amazing, but you should make it light up when selected, or have some sort of effect.

Also maybe delete the strokes. It makes it look like a tutorial video and not a proper game. There’s also the colours, use more pastel shades.

All that’s unless this is just a placeholder or something ??


Sure, I can do that.

I will post another video here showcasing what it looks like with your idea soon.

The video will be posted here:

nothing special

(probably gonna take a while cause ykyk)

This is just a test btw lol, the design of the save files will not be going into any game of mines.

So ig you can say its a placeholder

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Now that I’m coming back, if you do plan to use art or anything else, use separate layers. Only the colours should light up, looks rushed if the whole thing glows.

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What do you mean about using separate layers and that only the colors should light up? I’m not too good at designing things myself.

Do you mean making the labels and frames glow the same color instead of adding a white layer on top of it? I’m confused

The black lines should not light up. Only the red/blue/etc bits

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Alrrightt, now I get what you’re saying, not making the black lines shine and just making the colors shine more would probably make it look better, basically. It just looks cheap when there is a white top on the whole frame.

Thank you for the idea.

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