File:GetBinaryContents() needs to be documented

I would like to know what :GetBinaryContents() does, there is no documentation and I would like if there were.

Page: File | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub


Weird that you’d just pick out that one.

Same goes for the other properties and methods of File: GetTemporaryId and property Size. The links lead nowhere for all three.

However, I don’t think a page is needed for any of them, as they are extremely self explanatory and explained on the page for File anyway… All I’d suggest is getting rid of the links on the File page as links to non-existent pages is confusing.


Sorry for the bump, I was reading up the other day on the file object. :GetBinaryContents() does need to be documented, so does the other properties and functions. If someone could address this issue then I can continue development with my plugin.


It is documented (thought the doc pages aren’t populated past an overview)

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No, I’m pretty sure they meant the function itself, not the object. Click on the function and you will clearly see the problem. Anyway, if you make a plugin that works with third party services (for example Blender) then it would be really helpful to document these things.


We still cannot access some properties and functions of the file class

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Hey all! Thanks for reporting this - it’s definitely an issue. I’ve just flagged it with engineering, so we can get those pages displaying (and then filled out!)


Sorry for the bump, but how is this going? Its been a good few months and the page still isn’t documented and we haven’t gotten anything back yet.

Apologies for the delay - there’s a lot of API documentation work, and the team is getting through it as quickly as possible. I’ve just re-flagged engineering so that we can at least get it to not be a 404 page in the meantime.


Sorry for the bump, but it’s still giving me a 404 for all three pages.

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Sorry for the bump, but is the team still planning on fixing the documentation?

Hey everyone, just closing out this thread, as the issues were solved. Thanks again for the report!