FileSaved: 3D Modeler & Clothing Designer


Hi! My name’s FileSaved, 3D Modeler and Clothing Designer. I’ve been making models since mid-2019 with a heavy focus on UGC. I’ve been making clothes for much longer, starting at some point in 2011. I use a mix of Blender, Photoshop and Illustrator depending on what the project demands. Here’s just a few things I’ve done:

  1. I’ve worked with Starboard Studios to bring several new outfits to The Wild West.
  2. I’ve collaborated with NK Studio to bring their character, Guesty, to the catalog as a UGC accessory.
  3. I’ve been accepted as a UGC creator, and have made a fairly sizeable collection of items!


Here’s a few of my previous projects. All models use 256x256 textures unless stated otherwise.

Models (UGC)

Blossoming Love Bow

Created February 3, 2021

This bow was a collab with Aife! Back in 2020, I proposed the idea of a Cupid’s Bow with a really basic design. She got back to me with this amazing design:

Unfortunately at that time, I wasn’t good enough to fully model the bow, so I put it on the backburner. It wasn’t until a year later when I was at a point where I was ready to take on the design again. Modeling-wise, the bow was difficult to recreate while still having it be optimized enough for UGC. While I was able to recreate most of the details, the twisted gold bits required too much geometry, so the bow was redesigned to have it be easier to model:

Not only that, but the bow went through many different versions with different color palettes. Here’s just a handful of the options we tried:

Eventually we landed on the pink color on the right and I switched out the flowers for cherry blossoms to have it fit the theme better. Not including the initial attempt back in 2020, the bow took over a week to finish.

I would like to thank Aife for drawing the design of the bow! I would not have been able to finish it without her help! Follow her on Twitter:

The bow’s in the catalog, along with a few other variants I made! Here it is if you want to get a closer look:
Blossoming Love Bow - Roblox

Messy Bob

Created April 25, 2021

The messy bob came about from a desire to make some hair to advertise a sakura set I was working on. The idea was to mix a few different hair styles to try and develop my own unique look. This was much easier said than done, though. Here’s just four different versions going from oldest on the left to newest on the right:

Each version came about with a lot of subtle, and sometimes even very drastic changes too. I wanted to capture a somewhat wavy appearance without it looking too greasy or unappealing. After two weeks of working on it and getting a lot of helpful feedback, I got it to a state where I was finally proud of what I had!

This hair style’s out in the catalog now! Feel free to check it out if you want to get a closer look:
White Messy Bob - Roblox

Sakura Ukulele

Created April 8, 2021

Originally designed as part of my sakura set, this ukulele came about as a means of trying to tie together Japanese and Hawaiian influences into a cohesive outfit. Despite never modeling an instrument before, modeling the ukulele went surprisingly quick, with only some proportional changes along the way to help sell the fact it’s a ukulele and not an acoustic guitar.

The main issue came about when it came to texturing the instrument. There were already several floral guitars in the catalog, and I didn’t want mine looking too similar to those. I also didn’t want to just copy real life sakura ukulele designs. Here’s just one look at an early attempt at designing the ukulele:

The idea behind the image above was that the tree branch was gonna have cherry blossoms growing on it, much like how they grow in real life. But at that point, I wasn’t confident that the design would work with me doing it on my own. So I scrapped that idea and started again. I tried a few other ideas and eventually landed on the fairly simple design seen in the final render.

All in all, the ukulele took a little over 2 weeks to finish.

Being part of a full set, I put out a tweet showing everything off! Here it is if you’re interested:

Outsun Hover Board

Created July 5, 2020

This is part of the Outsun Collection of items. This took a few days to make, part of which involved completely redoing the UV!

For comparison’s sake, here’s the old UV:

And here’s the current UV:

There are other changes present as well, mostly in the image I rendered out to fit in the board. All in all, these changes served to make for a much higher quality product that fits snugly within a 256x256 canvas (thank you, JadeFlames, for the idea of unwrapping the model this way)!

The hoverboard is out in the catalog now! Renamed to Synthwave Hoverboard to make searching for it a bit easier, here’s a link to it if you want to get a closer look:
Synthwave Hoverboard - Roblox

Sun Conure

Created: May 27, 2021

As somebody who loves birds, I always felt that the current options for feathered companions were lacking. So back in February, I made a lovebird to not only fill that demand for myself, but also to see if other people in the community had the same feeling as I did.

Here’s a look at that original lovebird model:

This would be the base model for all my future parrots, as a lot of them tend to have very similar body types. When it came time to making the sun conure, however, I wanted to update the model and texture to give it a bit more detail. The end result of that was the the bird seen in the final render!

The bird is out in the catalog now, along with a handful of other birds! Here’s a link if you want to take a closer look:
Sun Conure - Roblox

Caution Tape Scarf

Created: May 13, 2021

This is an item from a construction-themed set of items I call the Road Blocks Set. I used bezier curves to model the original shape of the scarf. The biggest challenge came down to unwrapping it. I wanted a constant, relatively even caution tape pattern. On top of that, I also wanted to have a repeating diagonal striped pattern along the top and bottom of the tape.

This idea changed drastically over time, however. Here’s an image showing an evolution from the original scarf made in June 2020 on the left, to May 2021 on the right:

The reason for the change in the pattern mostly came down to Roblox’s texture filtering. In short, the old scarf looked really blurry at most viewing distances, especially in R6.

The new version, fortunately, works a lot better on that front. It also has the added benefit of looking a fair bit cleaner compared to older versions!

As for the change in shape, that just boiled down to wanting a much more unique scarf to help set it apart from existing scarves in the catalog.

Here’s a full look at the set I made, including some matching clothing:

Mushroom Backpack

Created: May 13, 2021

This backpack is one of several mushroom-themed items I’ve made! While the basic idea is the same, I made plenty of changes between the original September 2020 version, and the more modern January 2021 version.

Here’s a side-by-side showing the original on the left and the new one on the right.

There were massive changes in form that ultimately helped make the backpack look significantly more appealing, but the one thing that remained fairly consistent between the two was my approach to unwrapping. In short, I wanted to maximize the texture quality given the very limited canvas. This meant that, while normally I’d paint on ambient occlusion to help differentiate different portions of the item, I had to rely solely on the general design to convey that idea as best as possible. In essence, trading a bit of freedom for a bit more texture quality. Here’s how the UV looked for it:

If I was to revisit this idea in the future, I would put a bit more time into preventing the texture from getting too distorted from being present on varying sizes of geometry, but for an earlier attempt at this idea, I’m proud of how it turned out!

The item is out in the catalog now! Here’s a link if you want to take a closer look:
Red Mushroom Backpack (1.0) - Roblox

Golf Ball Bowler

Created: June 6, 2021

This hat is intended to be part of a larger golfing-themed set of items. With that in mind, I had to keep the design of the hat relatively simple. Despite that, a lot of work went into getting the texture just right!

The biggest problem to solve was the actual golf ball pattern.
Here’s the very first version of the hat:

The issues with this are two fold:

  1. The texture gets squished at the seams of the UV. This is partly because of me using a subdivided cube to make the model and partly because of the way I handled the UV in conjunction with the texture. Without the proper care, textures like this simply look weird.
  2. The texture doesn’t actually look like a golf ball at all. It resembles bubble wrap much better than it resembles a golf ball.

With that in mind, I decided to redo large chunks of the model.
Here’s a second attempt at the idea:

Along with changes to the model itself, I put a lot more time into adjusting both the UV and texture to compliment each other better. This led not only to a much more convincing golf ball pattern, but also a much more appealing hat as a whole! Though there’s issues with even this version. The main one being that the pattern was incredibly inconsistent. It starts off fairly squished and gradually becomes more circular as it reaches the top.

With some more work and roughly a year to rethink certain aspects of the hat, this was the final version I landed on:

This version includes more changes to the model itself, most notably squaring the edges to allow for a brim present on most real life bowlers. Not only that, but I made plenty of changes to the bowler’s UV and texture to allow for a much more consistent pattern. While this still isn’t perfect, I’m proud of the end result!

If you want to see the full set, here’s a link to the tweet I made about it:

Guesty Head

Created August 3, 2020

I was commissioned by NK Studio to turn their character, Guesty, into a UGC accessory! This included doing my own interpretation of how a skull would fit within an actual Roblox character’s head. This was definitely a first for me, which in turn means that it isn’t perfect. But I’m still really happy with how this came out. I’m grateful to NK Studio for giving me the opportunity to make this hat, as well as BigBst4tz22 for uploading it for us!

Here’s a link to it if you want to see it yourself
Guesty Head - Roblox

Ninja Egg of Shadows

Created: January 31, 2020

This was an egg I made for Eggify, which was a joke group made to try and trick people into thinking it’s the real Egg Hunt team. I was brought on as one of the modelers for the project. To make the egg more believable, I decided to base it off Ninja Legends, seeing as 2020’s Egg Hunt is set to center around already existing games. The game was still fairly popular, so its potential involvement would have been fairly believable. I also included the Roblox logo using their modern branding colors to further sell the idea of it being an official egg.

That being said, if I was to recreate the model now, I would have to make the base egg shape a fair bit smoother. I’d also try to make the square holes on either side of the model a bit more rounded, probably with a slightly more detailed texture. But for my first crack at making a genuine egg, I’m happy with what I was able to do at the time!

Pumpking's Crown

Created: October 8, 2020

This was a recreation of one of my first UGC concepts! When the program was first announced, I was really excited about the prospect of being able to make my own hats. I was also taking an animation class at the time, so I happened to have some basic knowledge of how to use Blender. With that, I wanted to try making a hat based on a cancelled version of the Darkseed Crown.

Here’s a side-by-side of the original hat I made back in 2019 (on the left) and the newer one I made in 2020 as soon as I got accepted into UGC (on the right):

While I kept the original design largely the same, I redid just about every aspect of the hat from scratch. The original texture was done in Blender, making for a very messy appearance. This was due to my lack of knowledge on how to unwrap models properly, so my old UV’s were too messy to paint onto directly. Fortunately, by the time I redid the model, I had a much stronger grasp on unwrapping, so I made the texture entirely in Photoshop.
Moreover, the model itself is generally a fair bit more detailed, with the only part being lost in translation is having an entirely 2d face in the remake instead of a fully modeled one in the original. This was done purely because the pumpkin is so small that a modeled face was unnecessary.

While I’ve grown a lot as a modeler and texture artist since even this recreation, I still hold this hat closely as one of my personal favorites.

The hat is out in the catalog right now! Here it is if you want to take a closer look:
Pumpking's Crown - Roblox


FileSaved's Binary Leather Jacket

Created: May 21, 2020

My outfit is constantly changing, along with my tastes. I’m always looking to clean up my outfit while also having it reflect my tastes at the time. This iteration of it is no different.

My involvement with Egg Hunt 2020: Agents of E.G.G. led to me being awarded the Binary Bunny Ears of Eggcellence seen on my character. This led to me, with the help of some friends, developing the outfit seen in the picture. The clothes, including the recreation of the circuit board pattern and the drawing of the macaw on the back, were done 100% by me. The circuit board was simply to help tie the bunny ears to the outfit itself. As for the macaw, I really love birds. I try to incorporate a bird into every outfit I have, whether it actually matches or not. In this case, the bird drawing on the back not only injects a bit of my own personality into the outfit, but it also helps tie it together.

The Wild West Collection

Created: April 19 - May 9, 2020

I was commissioned by the lovely people over at Starboard Studios to make some clothing for The Wild West! This involved three western-themed outfits seen above. They’re currently in the game if you want to try them out:
The Wild West - Roblox

I do also want to mention that while I did make the hats seen in the render, they are there purely for display purposes. They aren’t part of the actual collection.

Sunset Floral Kimono

Created: February 2, 2020

This was an outfit I made for Reverse_Polarity’s Sakura Kimono Bow. I had the urge to make a kimono for months prior, so having an accessory I could directly match it to made for a fun challenge. The outfit is on sale to purchase here:
Shirt: Sunset Floral Kimono - Roblox
Pants: Sunset Floral Kimono Bottoms - Roblox

80s Skirt with Suspenders

Created: January 10, 2020

Here’s a Mariya Takeuchi-inspired outfit created as a commission for Amiyukiii. The outfit was made specifically to match the Lillian Hair. As for the advertisement accompanying it, it was made to parody the “Sweetest Music” cover art. The outfit is on sale and can be purchased here:
Shirt: 80s Shirt with Suspenders - Roblox
Pants: 80s Skirt with Suspenders - Roblox


I am currently unavailable.
I’ll update this as soon as I can!


Prices vary radically based on the project I’m working on. More complex projects will naturally be more expensive than simpler ones.
That being said, I currently only take payments in Robux. I may open myself up to other payment methods in the future.


You can contact me either on the DevForums or on Twitter.
From there I’ll provide my Discord at the start of the project.

Thanks for reading!


FileSaved is a cool guy and he makes cool stuff. I recommend. :+1:


This dude is very cooperative and will make sure whatever you request comes out in the highest quality no matter what. Also he’s just awesome in general. Recommend all the way!


That is amazing FileSaved. He is a great clothing designer and modeler.

If you’re looking for a fun guy who makes really snazzy clothes and models, File’s your man!


FileSaved is an amazing developer, his clothing collection on the catalog is awesome and full of pieces I love.

I’ve spoken with FileSaved multiple times about modelling and he is very knowledgable on the topic. He often shares examples of assets he is making for personal projects/development and I’m always stunned by the things he creates.

100% would recommend.


Fantastic guy, great clothes and generally hard working.

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I love how you have a description and background for each of your creations, it shows that you put a lot of work into these to make them each special.

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Hi! Your Twitter dms are closed so I messaged you on developer forum.

can i pls know how do you import .obj and .mtl files in studios? @FileSaved

Please tell me your discord! I would love to hire you!!!

Hi. I would love to work with you. What is your discord user and tag?