Filip Avramovic's Portfolio


Hello! I am Filip, and this is my portfolio here on Roblox!


I am a professional 3D modeler, VR/AR application designer, and graphic designer. On the Roblox platform, I mainly do building and 3D assets creation.


Visit my website portfolio here:


The Math Obby

All done by me

For more please visit my website.

Space Station

All done by me

For more please visit my website.


For more please visit my website.

Chinese Garden map

Fishing Adventures In Morhaven

1_1 2_9 3_10 4_11 5_12 6_13 7_14 8_15 9_16 10_2 11_3 12_4 13_5 14_6 15_7 16_8
Terrain for Fishing Adventures In Morhaven done by BronzedMocha

Army Obby




For more please visit my website.





I am available during the week after 6 pm [CET] and on the weekends all day. You can contact me anytime and I will back to you as soon as possible!


Prices are negotiable, I usually price for the whole project, of course if you want assets only, it is per asset, or other deal we make.

  • You can find me on Fiverr as: @filipavramovic
  • Have in mind that Prices there are not fixed.

Fiverr is preferred


You can contact me on any of those:
Discord: Filip#5046

Thank you for reading about things I do and hope we will be in contact soon!


Could you add how much these builds would of costed :wink:


Nope, prices are negotiable. :wink:


He is with no doubt one of the best builders I’ve ever seen, he is a really hardworking guy and pretty talented as you can see!

I totally recommend hiring him :slight_smile:


I’d recommend Filip as a builder to anyone looking to hire. Worked with Filip before & he has a real passion for his work!
I would highly recommend for people looking hire a builder!!!

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Good communicator and great quality map!

Would recommend :slight_smile:

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I’ve been working with Filip for a few months now. His work is fantastic, he always welcomes feedback, and he is always professional. He really puts a level of care into it you don’t see with most contractors. I would certainly recommend him!!

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The space station is beautiful. Do you think you could also do modern, realistic builds? If not, there’s still a place for you on my team—our game’s lobby is going to be futuristic. I’m interested.

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Please contact me on Discord @ Filip#5046 .

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So I updated my portfolio with some new things in other section!

Updated portfolio with new text images for sections, and added new builds in “Other” section in Showcase

accepts discord’s request: K͙U͙R͙O͙ # 2870

Alright, I will! But for some reason I can’t see your request.

I sent a friend request, @ SquidyCakez#7425

I see it! Accepted it! Thanks for contacting me!

Added “Assets” section with some assets I created. Check them out! :grinning:

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Added new project I was working on, hope you like it!

Sheesh, how long did that space station take to make?

Let’s say in total about 12 hours.

Changed design of the Portfolio website, you can see new version of it from the post, or here: Portfolio Website