:FillBlock() Materials dont Fill in Water, and Water does not Ignore other Materials, cutting through them

Alright, so when using Terrain:FillBlock() the function ignores voxels that already have the material water. But when I use it to fill in water, it does not ignore other materials and cuts the land.
No matter which way I do it, it always fails. Does anyone know a work around?

Below is a video of both generation types.

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Voxels on roblox basically work in terrain codes, almost like an Enum, they cant have two types of terrain at the same time, :FillBlock() will REPLACE those with Water, however, when generating terrain with water, the generator uses very complex math to wrap the water around other elements. A lot of games circumvent this by just making the maps manually, by hand.

You may have to create your own water system and just overlay that over the generated land

And no, it doesn’t ignore existing water voxels, it just cant change a voxel that is already the desired terrain type.

Thank you for your response. I figured out a work around using Terrain:ReplaceMaterial(). Thank you.