FILLED - Seeking UI Designer (FILLED) and Scripter (FILLED) for a Small, Paid Access Game


Information on the Poster

Hello. My name is LuckyTux. I’m a retired roblox developer and marketing manager. Currently. I still design meshes, build,texture, and handle marketing material. I’ve worked on several big name projects including Blockplex and Survivor, for which I won a bloxy for in 2017. For this project, I will be responsible for mesh/part design, team management, and marketing.

About The Project

The Project, which will be nicknamed “Brick Builder” (after the stealing of the name Destruction Tycoon from Headless, I find it essential to keep the name secret) will be a building game based around the premise of building with an array of interesting bricks that lock into place. Although simple, I believe this concept can be a fun callback to classic Roblox building games while being from a different point of view and with unique blocks. The small paid access game will (hopefully) come with an online sharing source, building instructions (made by myself), and the ability to leave hearts on others’ builds.

Time Requirements

Since this project will be a 3-man-show, I hope to have it finished by summertime with the goal to apply with it for the August 2019 event “Back to School”.

The Team

@LuckyTux - Marketing, Management, and Part Creation
@LordHammy - Scripter
@WaVeReaperr - UI Design


The scripter will receive 70% game revenue while the UI designer will receive 20% game revenue. The remaining 10% will go towards myself, advertisements, sponsors, and necessary commission work to keep the game running smoothly. All that will be required of the scripter and UI designer after creation will be emergency bug fixes unless they choose to go forward and work on a possible full release later down the road.

Contact Me

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at REDACTED

Thank you for reading! I hope to see your application soon! :tongue:

If you have any questions, ask below to prevent duplicates.

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Update 1: @WaVeReaperr was hired for UIs

Update 2: @LordHammy was hired for scripting

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