Filling the empty places?

You can probably see the problem here.
I am trying to build a map with diffrent parts: City, small village etc. and I am having problems filling the empty spaces. I don’t want to fill it just with trees.
i got some pinwheels and farms
but I don’t like to fill it just with that everywhere.
Any Ideas on how to solve that problem? :))

If you want to see more, tell me! I can post more pics!



I think you should add some rocks and change the trees up a bit so it doesn’t look too copy and pasted.

Alright. Any more ideas, like buildings or smth?

Yes, I see the roads and they look to plain. Maybe you should add some yellow lines to separate left and right lanes.(Unless it is a one way road oof)

you might also want to add some tiny buildings like huts when there is too much trees.

Also add a game link so I can see better.

Please keep in mind that the game is supposted to look low poly.
I might add lane lines jeah. I removed them but ye

can you join so I can tell you what you should add or change?

Sure! I’ll join asap
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A thing to keep in mind is that wind turbines are never close to buildings because of the noise they produce, though it’s not that much of an issue considering your build isn’t exactly supposed to be realistic.

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Right now, the trees are evenly spaced. This looks artificial, and doesn’t make any one place look different from the next one. Instead, try placing trees in “clumps”, or have some areas be more densely filled with trees than others. This will also give the feeling of some areas being forest- like, and some being meadow- like. You can do this without having to model more trees.

Speaking of vegetation, you currently have a flat grass texture and some trees. Having foliage of different sizes (flowers, tall grass, bushes) would make things feel more wild. Having only trees and grass makes it feel like a carefully tended park.

Some elevation differences in the terrain would make things look more interesting and help break up the horizon (right now it’s mostly a straight line).

Power lines is a nice feature because they’re tall (breaking up the horizon), and if you place them in a way that makes sense in the fiction of your world it can help make it feel “lived in”. I.e. power lines need to connect power plants (or windmills/solar power stations) to substations, cities and homes.


Wow. Very nice explaination and very helpful. I’ll definitly improve it with some stuff you mention!
Thanks! :))

Thanks but I just placed the windmills there so you can see them better and faster :))
Of course they won’t be placed next to a village.
~ J