Filling unique bars

How would you go about filling up a bar such as the one shown in the picture? I don’t want to use clip descendants because it doesn’t look great near the end. I haven’t found a way to correctly follow a path like that.


Usually, just a bunch of images that represent different levels of progress. Use enough images for your purposes.

That’s what this module does: Circular/Radial Progress

I was thinking of that but it would take a load of pictures to make it look smooth. Is that the only way?

Probably. I think it would take less pictures than you think to look okay.

Plus you only gotta do it once.

you might be able to use rotated guis to make it seem like it is loading like that

for example in the image you provided you could have two guis where one goes up then if the progress is more that 50% the second rotated one would start loading

edit: this would be for clips descendants

edit2: i’ve now seen that clips descendants does not work with rotated guis so this wouldn’t work

Sadly, ClipsDescendants doesn’t work with rotated GUIs.

I know the original shape is pretty unique, so what about this one? Would it still need images? image

This works with Ui gradient for perfect half circles but it wouldn’t work here because of how odd the shape is.

The link I put to that radial progress bar module would probably work for that.

I’m pretty sure it just uses images internally

I’m pretty sure that only works for perfect half circles or circles because I’ve done what the module does except manually before and it doesn’t work for this, but I will still try it and let you know. I think images might be the closest I’ll get. I might be able to do something with math to only have to use 1 small image and just duplicate rotate etc in script but yeah. Thanks for all your help.

Edit: never mind, this is a different module. It might actually work