Filter ROBLOX Music/Audio Uploads

As a ROBLOX developer it is currently too hard to find sound assets in the audio library. Searching any generic term such as “Revolver Fire”, “Fire”, “water”, “punch”, etc, results in a flood of ROBLOX uploaded royalty free music. The majority of these songs rarely see any use and mostly just exist to clog the search results. The result is that you can’t ever find the sound effect you’re looking for (just 60 royalty free songs).

A viable solution would be adding a way to filter out certain user’s when searching in the library. An effective way to do this would be to make it so that blocked players uploads don’t appear when searching the library OR by making it so that there’s a filter option to block ROBLOX official content in specific.

Searching for audio should yield the result you’re actually hoping for (or at least something related) not 4 pages of abstract songs.


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