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I’m looking to make a game in which users can post comments that can be viewed on other servers. The issue I’m facing is that the BroadCast filter is horrible and tags nearly everything. My solution was to filter the text so that <13 users see under 13 text and over 13 users see over 13 text. Are the only 2 possible states <13 and over 13? Right now when every player joins it has to filter the text for that user, if I was able to cache results that would be amazing. So basically

Are there only 2 states for the filter system? <13 and 13+ ?

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Unfortunately, Roblox does not allow you to view the age set by users in Roblox under any circumstances. You could use a different filtering type, but that’s not allowed in this case since a single user’s message can and will be seen on every Roblox account under 13 and over 13, so that’s why Roblox does harsh filtering. I don’t think there’s really anything you can do here…

Use :FilterStringAsync() instead, as it’s more accessible and expands vocabulary for users that don’t consist harsh filter.

thats what i use but it means i have to filter every string for every using, requiring huge loading times because theres limits to how much you can filter per minute