Filtered text shouldn't remove text formatting

One of the most annoying things I experience on the roblox forums is when im making a topic or replying to a person, if I make one wrong move and accidentally say something thats filtered, all the paragraphs just become one big paragraph, removing the new lines and spacing.

It’s really annoying and I would love if the spacing could be kept in the future


I can vouch for this, it’s especially annoying in the scripting forums.

Example of what Younite means:


This has also been brought up a few times throughout this thread for reference:

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I saw that but there wasn’t a dedicated thread for this feature, so I just decided to post it


Happens in descriptions/bios as well :eyes:


This happens a ton in group descriptions: support

Bumping this because it just happened to me again.



Bumping. Happens everywhere. Even in the messages.

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This is quite possibly one of the most annoying bugs I’ve ever run into, and it’s been happening for months now. For example, let’s say you set your ROBLOX profile description as:


The resulting description, once you refresh the settings page, as well as on your public profile, is devoid of newlines when it shouldn’t be, instead replacing them with spaces:

test test ########## test test

This gets really annoying when I’m trying to create a neat profile layout, as all of the lines get stuck right next to eachother. I’d like to see this long-standing bug fixed, if it isn’t too inconvenient to do so.

Often times I don’t know whether the filters will consider something inappropriate or not, so it isn’t an issue of ‘don’t put inappropriate stuff in your description’


You should probably clear up your example, as on first glance it may appear that you are complaining about numbers being censored.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t agree more. It’s quite annoying that line breaks get ignored when saving the profile description.