Filtered words in text boxes

Basically, print the text of a textbox when it loses focus.

Now, type “fuck this” into the textbox ( Sorry for the language ) and you’ll notice that “fuc” is printed.

NOTE: You can type “fuckng this” and it does not get filtered at all so obviously somthing is amiss.

This is rather problematic for custom chat guis as everything after the filtered word is cut off AND the word isn’t entirely removed.

It would be nice if either the word is left as it is and then we would just run it through the roblox chat filter as normal OR have it remove the word entirely and only the word

EDIT: You can see what I mean here:

EDIT2: To test in studio put this in a script within the StarterGui then just run the place:

local ScreenGui = "ScreenGui", script.Parent )

local TextBox = "TextBox", ScreenGui )

TextBox.Size = 1, 0, 1, 0 )

TextBox.FocusLost:connect( function ( )
	print( TextBox.Text )
end )

This is really annoying. I have a custom chat system, and if I swear the textbox filtering automatically takes off the last one or two letters, so it goes through ROBLOX’s filterstring.

That’s just the filter system doing it’s job.

Well finite, it’s not really doing it’s job considering it only removes the last 1 / 2 letters and not the entire word, as well as removing everything after the word.

It does that because it sets it to what it was before it was filtered.

Well, considering it doesn’t do it while you are typing it’s not the most useful ‘feature’.

EDIT: You can also type “this fuckng” and it won’t be filtered at all so it definitely isn’t working correctly.

This behaviour is annoying because it’s an anomaly in the way we expect filters to work

Just ran into this issue again, any news on a fix?

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There is a filter you can apply but the textbox filtering would be first.

Perhaps you could log the characters entered individually as a variable and then filter them.

I think this will help

This is not what the bug report is about

If you use filterstringforplayerasync(you have to if you’re doing custom chat), then the text box shouldn’t have anything left to filter after the string already comes out of the first filter call.

Just wanted to post to say this is solved! :smiley:

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