Filtering by username in the Inventory and Recent section of the Toolbox doesn't work

Clicking on a creator’s username in Studio is meant to apply a filter, like in the below screenshot:

When in the Inventory or Recent tabs, doing this doesn’t work and doesn’t update the search.

I’m able to access this filter by clicking on the username of someone under their item or in the view when inspecting an asset.

I believe this has been happening since the Lua Toolbox was created.

This seems like it could be behaviour that wasn’t intended to be there and is an artifact of the design of the widget, but would be really useful if it were fixed because I’d like to insert all of my team member’s resources that they own but finding them, among the hundreds of models I have is difficult.



The expectation is that if the user clicks a button to apply a filter and the filter appears applied, is that the filter applies without any further user actions. There should be no need to “reload”. Further as explained in the topic, reloading and applying the filter automatically is also what the toolbox does in the Marketplace tab. The issue is that this doesn’t work in other tabs.

Please be careful you understand before replying to bug reports. There is no user error here.

It would be good to see fixed filtering options here. If I need to find something in my inventory it shouldn’t require I open my browser and use Google to find X by creator Y so I can re-take the asset because the catalog is unsearchable, and the last time I took this asset was months ago and it was since buried in my inventory.