Filtering Custom Chats

Hello, developers. I’m making a custom chat gui, but have not added a filter as of yet. I recently watched a KonekoKitten video about an update where Roblox moderators can read your code. Since I’m making a custom chat, am I allowed to put swear words in the script and tag it out?

Also, if I didn’t add a filter, would my game be allowed to be published on Roblox?

Thank you, softdevv.


Apparently, a developer was terminated due to using a custom chat filter. I’ve seen that video as well, and I believe KonekoKitten mentionned that as well. I’m not sure if the developer appealed, but to be safe, I’d use Roblox’s filterting system.

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Don’t make a custom filtering system because It may or may not get you banned, you’ll be better off with Roblox’s filtering system.

So, how am I supposed to use a custom chat with Roblox’s filter? Or is it impossible to do so?

You can learn about it on the Wiki. :3

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Just for clarity: the person terminated didn’t reinvent the wheel making a chat filter. The person added an extra filter on top of Roblox’s (to filter out robux scams etc). Using the methods that Roblox provides you won’t get you flagged