Filtering Enabled Whitelist

Recently I have been seeing a huge spike in exploiters in my game. No, my game does no use FE. The reason it doesn’t use FE is because I didn’t expect it to be created so I have the client handle quite a bit of the game. I’d have to completely re-make it to enable FE.

[spoiler]Now, just so you guys know, I didn’t personally add these beautiful effects into the game.


The exploiting is out of control right now. So much so that I am dropping in player count and profit daily. This is absolutely unbearable as ROBLOX is a primary source of income currently.

As for the point of this post, since most people already know the exploiting is out of control…

I’d use FE if I had the option for a custom white list, being able to let certain changes from the client be replicated over, but blocking the rest. This would enable me to let the client add and change things I currently make the client do (Values, Welds, Animations) and not have to re-code a bunch of stuff.

I’m sure this has already been suggested a few times before, but right now it is an extremely pressing matter to me.

Appreciate you reading.

If ROBLOX is your primary source of income, then you should also ‘redo’ those parts. You will only benifit from converting it to FE. Also, the Whitelist will defeat the purpose of Filtering.

Not really. If anything, I would like to make the whitelist for FE’d objects smaller so I don’t have to customise every part of my replication system.