"Filtering is enabled" spam in the output, makes it difficult to debug my game

Alright, so this is something that has been happening to me for over a year on Studio. I’ve done research on this kind of thing but have not been able to find any kind of solution. However, this never really stopped me from being able to test. It only made debugging a bit more difficult, so I just got used to it, but I’ve decided I wanna see if anyone else has encountered this problem before.

Every time I launch a new test, Studio will send LOADS of orange messages saying “Filtering is enabled. [blank] will not be replicated.” or “Filtering is enabled. Property [blank] change for instance” to the output. I’ve posted an image that should illustrate my problem.

All of these messages are sent extremely quickly as you can see. Sometimes, they’ll send even when barely anything is happening. Because of this, I have to scroll very far to find any error messages. It makes debugging extremely difficult at times. I thought maybe this has something to do with an option in the Studio settings I have on, but I have yet to find any option that could be triggering this. Has anyone else ever experienced this before? How can I get rid of these messages?

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