Filtering Save File Names

I am making a racing game where players can name their saved racetracks to make them easier to find later. However, no other players will be able to see the names, so do I still need to filter them or can I leave them as the player wrote them?

also please tell me if this should be in #development-discussion instead

Unless they will be displayed in ANY way I don’t think, but you’re never too sure so what I would do is either ask Roblox support or either filter it, just to be sure you know

They will only be displayed to the player who wrote the save names.

But would they be displayed like when you spawn it at the start or something like that?
If no I THINK you are okay but I would still ask Roblox support just for sure

How would I message Roblox support? I’ve never done that before.

Sorry but I don’t know either :rofl::rofl::rofl:, I think you would just have to do a quick internet research

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This is a bit of a Stupid Question to ask. (no offense)

Anybody can just Report the Game and send a Screenshot of the inappropriate Save. Potentially getting you in Trouble.
So yes, you still filter it even if nobody will see it

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Oh, I didn’t thought of that, I’m still a new developer, I’m gonna keep that in mind next time someone asks this question

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