Filtering Text(Cannot use Text Service)

Hey developers, I am trying to make a logging system with discord I am sending requests to my external server but I need to be able to filter text and I do not want to use Text Service, if you have any suggestions reply below.

Why don’t you want to use TextService? It’s what it’s for. Creating your own filter and ignoring the built-in one is against TOS


I cannot use the current text service because whenever I try to use it, it changes my strings into “instance” and then It is incorrect data to go to my external server.

You get a TextFilterResult instance from which you can grab the appropriate string based on the use.

GetNonChatStringForBroadcastAsync sounds like the appropriate one for your case.

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Okay so It prints the correct thing but I tope in a bad word to test it and it says the bad word.
I will deal with it tomorrow considering it is not public.

The filter doesn’t work on Studio, so it won’t work when testing in Studio. You need to test it by playing your game.

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More specifically, it won’t filter in studio.

local str = "< pretend i've written some bad words >"
FilterForBroadcast(str) -- my own function that gets non-chat string for broadcast
-- in studio: "< the bad words >"
-- in live game: "######"
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