FilteringEnabled game shows up as experimental

I published a new place yesterday and for some reason it shows up as experimental and there is no way to get rid of it.

  • Just waiting 24 hours did nothing.
  • Tried publishing the game as non-filtering enabled and then publishing it as filtering enabled again.
  • Tried switching access between private and public.

For some reason the default state of the game is experimental. I created the game by ‘publishing as new game’ through studio.

The game in question.


I too am experiencing the same issue on my game.

You should disable FE and then Re-enable it, can take up to 1 hour to show that its gone. Should work as it worked for me.

From my experience, games usually say it’s experimental for a few days no matter the status. If it’s still there after another 24h I’d say do as duckstz suggested and toggle it off and on.

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That didn’t work for me. I toggled it on and off then waited an hour but it’s still there. I’ll try waiting 24 hours to see if that does anything.

Edit: It didn’t go away after 24 hours but I’m not too worried about it being there anyway. I’m just going to leave it be and wait for either it to go away randomly or Roblox to fix the bug.

Nice game, and replicated your steps. The issue occurs then disappears?

I have no clue what I did to fix the issue, I’ll try doing this again.

Usually after a quick update to your game (adding new items, or just adding a part and deleting it afterwards) can cause this to disappear. It has happened to me a few times, and personally I haven’t found it that big of an issue.

Similarly to what others said, if this doesn’t work, I also recommend waiting about 12-24hrs for this change to take effect.


I found something that may be able to help fix that.

I believe it’s roblox issue I just updated my game and got FE issue for some reason.

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Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

Please note that filling a bug report does not guarantee that it will be fixed once triaged.