FilterStringForPlayerAsync does not output/work

FilterStringForPlayerAsync does not return anything. When called on a player with a message and printing it out, nothing is printed, not even a white space.


game.Players.PlayerAdded:connect(function(Player) Player.Chatted:connect(function(Message) print(game:GetService("Chat"):FilterStringForPlayerAsync(Message,Player)) end) end)

Is anyone else having this problem?

It works fine for me.

EDIT: here is what I use for filtering chat:

local chat = game:GetService("Chat")
local function Filter(msg, plyr)
	local filtered = chat:FilterStringForPlayerAsync(msg, plyr)
	local ret = {}
	for i = 1, #filtered do
		local chr = filtered:sub(i, i)
		if filtered:sub(i, i) ~= msg:sub(i, i) then
			chr = "*"
		ret[#ret+1] = chr
	return table.concat(ret)