Final Attempt At Help For Tool Rig Animations initial delay (Help!)

I’ve been trying to make animations concerning tools, and have figured it out, thanks to this post:

Unfortunately, I’ve run into a minor issue. I’ve asked once before, to no avail. I have a solution in mind, but if there’s a solution easier than my cheaty-way to do it, which will be pretty tedious. Basically just setting the model to be in the game at all times, and putting it transparent and stuff.
I am all ears on solutions.

The tool seems to kinda slide into place upon equipping the tool. It’s setting a motor6D in the tool to a motor6D in the torso, then playing an animation to put it in the correct part, as said in the linked tutorial.
Is there a way to fix this?

I’m not really sure what to do, because I literally haven’t seen a single other tutorial other than this one.
And this seems like the best way to do it except for this minor issue. And not a single person seems to have this issue…

Thanks in advance!

Also. The animation isn’t the issue. It still does the delay slide thing, even without an animation.

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what you can do is making a motor6d with the custom character creator plugin with the left/right hand being the part0 instead of the torso to stop the offsetting at first, put your tool at the position where you want it to be when binded to (not accounting for the animation) and create a motor6d, you’ll want to copy that motor6d as its C0 position will now be the position it was relative to its part0 when you created said motor6d, put the motor6d somewere (preferably inside its assosiated tool), and set its part0 and part1 once equipped

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Thanks for the response.
So basically, if I’m I understanding correctly… move tool model into desired starting place. Then create motor6D from hand to tool.

And then when I set my Part0 and part1, it won’t “slide”?

Use and moonanimator.

from my experiences with this approach it will instantly appears at the correct position because the C0 value is already set, do let me know if there’s any problems though

This seems to fix the issue.
But now any sort of animation that plays, it’s almost… “anchored” to.
So if you’re running, and the arms go up, so does the animation.
I might’ve done something wrong.

can you give me a video of the issue?

Thanks for all your help thus far, it means a lot! As I’ve been stuck on this issue for a while now.
I made the animation play when you left click, the animation is just it moving forward… to test it out.

It seems to come forward according to the arm.

as the motor6d is welded to the arm, any movement done with the arm it’s welded to will also move the weapon, this is an intentional behavior but you may have to redo some existing animations to compensate for this change

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Alright well, thank you. You fixed my sliding issue.
I’ll mark it as solution.

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I tried this method but whenever I move any part of the body the Motor6D gets deleted. How did you overcome this?