Finale of Part Surface Changes: No More Hinges

Wait don’t we need hinges to build cars? :thinking:

I mean I can kind of see why Roblox would remove this but at the same time not sure how I feel about this.

Edit: I also used hinges to mark where the part was facing and Tools.

This Change is Going to Kill Alot of Older Games. I Use Hinges on My Trains and This Means That I Will No Longer Be able to Make Trains Very Easily. I Hope an Alternative that is Just as Easy to Use Rocks up or I’ll Just Have to Give up On Roblox Development as All My Trains Rely On Hinges


While it will never be quite as simple to use as Hinges were, the Constraint system lets you do everything you could with Hinges and more, see this tutorial for the basics:

Also see the plugin linked in the original post, which will automatically convert your existing hinges, so you don’t even have to do anything manually to make the switch:


I am pretty new to building and I use Surface Hinges to create vehicles for my games. Is there an easy way I can make vehicles? I haven’t used HingeConstraints or CylindricalConstaints, and my vehicles do not need very many features like suspension or left-right turning front wheels.

I have tried the CarKit from the Roblox Developer website, which uses those Constraints and also has a driving script I don’t really understand.

I want to keep making vehicles and would really like Part Surfaces, especially Hinges, to stay.

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Please give using Constraints a try, they are not that hard to use (and less finicky, as your wheels will never fall off just because they’re positioned slightly wrong with Constraints).

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Ok… which Constraint would I use for wheels? FYI: I use a VehicleSeat for the player to control the car and don’t have any sort of script for driving. I also never had problems with wheels falling off.

EDIT: I created a post for this: Help With Making A Basic Car

I also read some of other people’s questions and come up with some possible solutions for those.

For the textures such as studs/inlets, make them a new type of Material (like Brick, Concrete, and Plastic). Then people could still make parts with the original Surface textures.

For part directions, you can use a SurfaceGUI or decal, but a new feature on the studio draggers that could show part sides would be good.


The second phase of this change is now enabled! From the original post, this means:

  • The Studio move tool’s “Join Surfaces” option will ignore Hinge and Motor surfaces. It will create Weld instances on all SurfaceTypes when enabled.
  • The Workspace:JoinToOutsiders API will ignore Hinge and Motor surfaces. It will create Weld instances on all SurfaceTypes.

One solution that may work until you want to migrate over to using constraints would be to grab a copy of an older build of Roblox Studio (2019 or earlier), remove the launcher, and trigger its RobloxStudioBeta.exe (inside the folder you extracted the build to) whenever you need to create something using the old hinges and motors.

Once you’re happy with the model you’ve made, copy it from that version of Studio into the game in 2020 Studio you want to use it in. This is fairly complicated but should work if you know what you’re doing.


This isn’t necessary.
If you absolutely still need to create the deprecated Rotate joint instances, you can still align your hinge surfaces, and call workspace.PartName:MakeJoints() in the command bar.
Additionally, you could manually insert the instance with, and manually configure the joint properties.
Or, you can pull in an existing car model from the toolbox.

This is true for nearly any deprecated instance.


My game uses hinges on all trains 100% but will it break the controls? I’m not very good in scripting constraints very well especially when it comes to platform compatibility, any help please?

this change broke one of my builds, it was a PC with spinning fans. that said i did try constraints and just can not seem to figure out how to properly use the rotation one.

This part isn’t entirely related but was the new lua daggers now what is in studio, or am I just not seeing the beta option. personally I am by far not a fan of them. for one the rotation orbs I actually find useful,with the selection tool dragging, parts going into other parts if you don’t have the mouse in the right spot etc turning on collisions does not even help .


Hay hay hold the phone! I didn’t realize this prosses will remove the surfaces list properties, how am i suppose to tell what side of a part is the front with this removed? Do i have to place a seat and go into play mode and sit in it to find the front now? I hate this so much… Its also vary confusing, because not all parts are missing the surface tab, its random parts, and parts that i insert have it as well, until i de select it and reselect it, then surface is gone…
one part its there…
the next is not…
Im so confused…

Yeah, I had that inconsistency too. If all of the Surfaces on a part are Smooth, then the surface list disappears. If one or more Surface is not Smooth, you can see it, but the moment you change all of them to Smooth, the list disappears.

Just add a Seat from an old free model and then it should have a Weld or Studs surface. You can then edit that Surfaces properties list.

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vary strange, but thanks for that info

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Why everything is an old free model still able to change the surface type?

there is a plugin you can get that tells you the sides, seen it on a alvin blox plugin video you can disable the other features if you didn’t need them. I find it useful
or there is this one
first ones a bit better as it automatically is there


I don’t think Roblox understood or cared what people were using it for and their solution is to build or use someone else’s plugin instead of giving us an easy way to tell what face of a part is what.
Could you imagine not being able to easily see what face is what in Blender or literally any other 3d software?
(TBH even this was not good, but it was helpful and less tedious considering the options we now have available)

Scrolling past these boxes is a non-issue as they could just collapse it by default making it 1 line. It was also near the bottom IIRC with only 2 or 3 properties below it. I don’t use tons of stuff, but I wouldn’t want other people to not be able to use it because I have to scroll past it.

Was anyone from the community asking for this to be removed for any other reason?
(speaking of the face properties and not the hinges)
I would think they could have kept them selectable without being edited like the resizable faces and resizeincrementface. I can’t change it, but it is there for some reason.

How about you let us insert a motor6d without requiring a script, command bar, or plugins?


Actually they’re adding an alternative for direction into the new lua draggers. The plugins are for until then

Also last I checked there’s a setting to add all objects to the Insert object menu which includes motor6ds

You have got to be kidding me.
I don’t know anything about programming so i will just stop making cars forever.
Welp, i litterally hate hearing F3X builders complain about this.


if you are trying to find the front of an object, try using adornees maybe? (if anyone even remembers that) idk any other solutions.

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