Finally finished making a working tank!
Took me about a week to finish everything and make it all work properly


Ok but why does the tank sound like a revolver when it shoots

Epic, now we can play World of Tanks! (Jokes aside, this looks solid! Incredible job!)


This is awesome! If I could give ideas or advice for the future, it would be the following:

Add engine/driving audios
Add loading audio in between shots
Improve the existing sound itself when fired
Make a custom mouse icon/crosshair for the tank when aiming

consider making a multi seated tank variant next with a driver, gunner, captain/turret operator.

Also maybe make some buildings that can be destroyed by the tank.

I like how stable it is.

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Nice!! Did you have to find the tank’s rotation CFrame offset in order to find where to point the barrel towards your mouse in world space? I’m only asking because I ran into this problem myself when I was trying to make a tank :neutral_face:

nice, just give the tank colors, better shoot sound, driving sound, engine noise and explosion soud you’ll be good

I didn’t change the sound that it uses to fire from the default one that I use for testing lol

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The first versions of the turret system I made used math.atan2(YawPartPos, MousePos) to find the angle. Since I couldn’t get it to work properly with Motor6d’s I ended up giving up and using a module script called TurretRotation (or something like that.) Might make my own system someday but I dunno

Really cool tank. I would suggest adding epic battle music. 10/10

Thank you man! Looks awesome! :fire:

Epic. I love this tank, and it works so well. Reminds me of tanki online, lol.