Finally finished SCP GFX open for review

So, I finnaly finished my SCP:F GFX for my game thumbnail, and I would like to know what yall think.

Here is the picture for it

Thanks for any feedback I may receive,
Happy Developing!


the pose and character and background map itself looks really nice, it looks like something i would play, it could use more lighting tho

maybe try adding more lighting like maybe red background lights at the background
to make up for the dim light. or maybe adding something in the background thats possibly going after the player in the front.

So like a containment breach such as SCP-173 breaching his chamber?

Looks nice, I’m really late, but this gives me 2017-2019 SCP thumbnail vibes


I recommend adding lighting to the gfx and focusing on adding details to the character. This could be fixing up the posing a bit, it looks a bit stiff. Other than that it’s nice