Find a part based off of its name

We have Ctrl Shift F to type in a word to find all references to it in all scripts in our game.

Now we need to be able to do the same thing, but for part names.

Ctrl Shift (key) to type in a word to find all parts with that name.


You make a brick with a mesh larger than the brick, in fact the brick is 1 by 1, you lose where it is in the explorer (lost in a one of many models) Then you need to put it in a certain model, but you can’t because you don’t know where the original part was exactly placed. This happened to me. I know the part’s name is WaterMesh. What I think I can do is run a loop to go through every model in the game just to find it. But it’d be a lot quicker to have this built in feature. And helpful in other cases too!

This seems like a rare enough case that I don’t think there should be a built-in for it. It seems like exactly the sort of thing that an ad-hoc command line construction is good for.

In order for you to actually need this, several things need to line up:

  1. You have to have something that you want to find
  2. It has to have a unique, or a least relatively unique name
  3. The object isn’t easily accessible from the 3D view
  4. You have to have a sufficiently complex place that it’s hard to find that object
  5. That place has to have bad enough object-hierarchy structure that finding that object is difficult

I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a case where all of those conditions were actually met.

It is a rare case, I only suggested this because I ran into a problem where it would be easy to fix with this in place.
But after thinking about it more, it would be a cool feature to have since we have the Ctrl Shift F for finding words in scripts.

Here’s my case:

  1. true
  2. true, there are less than 10 bricks with this name
  3. true, it’s 1 by 1 and I don’t know if it’s locked or not or where exactly it is. See image in spoiler
  4. true, I have 51 total models in the first layer of workspace. And that’s NOT unorganized, they are all differently named with much different purposes.
  5. They aren’t just arbitrary models, I don’t know where in the hierarchy it is, that is my problem.

All the other water meshs lower while this last one, which I know is a mesh because I can’t alt click on any part of it, stays.
My situation sucks, but I am trying to run loops to find WaterMesh in all models of workspace.

It looks like there aren’t many, if any, parts of that color other than the water.

Run a loop that looks for all parts of that color and takes this nice opportunity to parent all of them to a “Water” model or something like that.

I found it after checking 3 layers deep in the hierarchy for all parts. The script only ran for a minute before it found it in a model called ANCHORED_LAND, should have been in ANCHORED_OCEAN.Flood. So yay, I still think this is a cool suggestion though