Find All Crashes Studio

Don’t have access to #bug-reports so I have to post it here.

Studio Bugs: Studio crashes when using FindAll tool to open scripts

All plugin disabled.

Roblox Studio will frequently crash when you try to open a script using the FindAll tool, attempting to use the tool without crashing will also not lead you to the destination usually.

This happens only in Studio.
Noticed the bug on December 17, may already exist beforehand.


With FindAll tool:

  • Search for a keyword in FindAll
  • Select the script destination you want to go to
  • It only success sometimes, usually fails to bring you to destination, may crash due to unknown reasons.

Using FindAll will fail 60% of the times to bring you to scripts, usually after you switch back from script to the FindAll tab. Clicking on results does nothing on a regular basis.

The method will crash 30% of the time. Aware that not only keywords that hold a lot of results will crash studio. Results vary, sometimes it crashes on first search, sometimes after a few searches.

Edit: now when I use FindAll on Studio startup it almost crashes 100% of the times.

System specs:
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 4800U
GPU AMD Radeon™ Graphics

Crash Dump

Bug Repro Video and Log - Developer Forum | Roblox


This is continuing to happen to me, since January. It isn’t 100%, but it’s 50% of the time. hit or miss.