"Find All References" option in the script editor

As a Roblox developer, it’s currently difficult to find all references to a variable or function within a game. For my own code, I usually like to stick to the pattern of separating code into ModuleScripts with a few main control scripts connecting them, but I’ve had a lot of difficulties with this when trying to update or make changes to the code.

As an example, when I’ve found bugs in a few of my scripts, I’ve made changes to them in order to fix the issue. I’d like to be able to find everywhere that’s referencing that function once the change is made in order to test that it still works there as well - but in its current state, there’s no option for doing this.

I’ve noticed things like “Find in all scripts” as a possible work-around for the issue, but it still runs into a lot of problems when a function name is more generic (like AddPlayer). In that case it’s really difficult to wean out exactly what I’m looking for, which is where something like “Find all references” would be ideal.

If this issue is addressed, it would make my own development process, specifically for updating and maintaining code, a lot easier. I also think that it would ultimately allow me to make more error-free code, as having the option to find references would mean I’m capable of testing my change everywhere in my game. It’s been something that I’ve used extensively in other editors (specifically with Visual Studio) and that I think would be really beneficial for development in Roblox.