'Find All / Replace All' Often Freezes Studio Indefinitely

Thank you for letting us know, we’re actively working on this, and it seems like some of our efforts were paying off… for a while.

Please let me know if you see any change with this and we’ll also keep you posted with our progress. (Which is, right now, back to looking for more causes of this.)

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I am having a similar issue on my Mac. When I click on a result in the Find All / Replace All (It lets me search), Studio crashes. I meant to post a while back, but It won’t let me post bugs for some reason, so I suppose I will here.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Open Find All / Replace All
  2. Search a term.
  3. Click on any of the matches.

Reproduction Files
I messaged the crash report from my Mac.

System Information:
Mac Studio 2022 M1 Max 64GB Memory

Expected Behavior
After clicking on an item in the results of the Find all/ Replace All it should take me to that script.

Actual Behavior
After clicking on an item in the results of the Find all/ Replace All it crashes and closes studio immediately.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Crashing
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Always

Also having this issue. It seems to be a 50/50 chance when I Ctrl + Shift + F any text. I’ve had it happen a few minutes after opening studio. It happens every day usually dozens of times.

I notice it most when I Find All with text already selected, but it still does occur when I type text in.

Any updates on this? I used Find All / Replace All by accident, and after it opened around 100 scripts, my studio froze. Every time I open that studio file, it still is frozen. After reinstalling studio, the game opened the first time without problems, but any consecutive tries freeze my studio yet again. I need an update on this because it’s causing major workflow problems.