'Find All / Replace All' Often Freezes Studio Indefinitely

Reproduction Steps
This first occurred roughly at the start of February. It has never happened to me before, including at the same games that it currently happens at.

It happens at any of my games with several tens of thousands of lines of code. It might also happen at other games.
This occurs on my laptop and my desktop at multiple different games. Reinstalling Roblox Studio and graphics drivers has not solved it.

System Information:
Windows 10 64-bit, Intel i7 7700K CPU @ 4.5GHz, 32 GB, NVIDIA GeForce 1080 Ti
Windows 10 64-bit, Intel i7-10750H CPU @ 2.60GHz, 16 GB, NVIDIA GeForce 1650 Ti

Beta Features:
CSG Version 3
Intuitive debugger
Save rig with animation
Selection and Navigation Improvements in Explorer

Expected Behavior
If working correctly, the ‘Find All / Replace All’ feature would find all references to the written text, if any exist, in all scripts and modules in the game.

Actual Behavior
About 1 in 4 times, Roblox Studio will freeze indefinitely searching with the ‘Find All/Replace All’ feature.
The search results are not shown.
If not manually or automatically saved, development work is lost.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Freezing
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Often

Screenshot Example:


We are still working on finding a place to reproduce this locally. If anyone has places they would like to share where they have run into this issue, please PM me.


Hi @BRIANO10 alternatively can you describe the following:

  • Approximately how many scripts are in your game?
  • How many of those are longer than 10000 lines?
  • How many are module scripts / local scripts / server scripts?

Thank you!

I am also experiencing this. It appears to only happen if you have studio open for a while.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select some text.
  2. Press the Find All / Replace All bind (Ctrl + Shift + F).
  3. Observe the crash.

Again, it appears to only happen if you keep studio open for a while, but I’m not sure how long. My best guess is around an hour or more.

@IcyTides @idevride

@sozzly, thanks for the info! We’re still trying to put a finger on this and see if there are any special circumstances to repro this. Does this happen for you even for Baseplate?