Find Everything: Early Access FAQ

Early Access FAQ

Q: How much is Early Access?
A: 250 Robux! You can get enough by purchasing the $5 Robux package.

Q: My mouse is stuck.
A: Press right click to unlock your mouse. You can right click again to lock it back to the center.

Q: Why can’t I use the parkour moves?
A: You need to unlock them in the Thingsburg Gym, near the playground entrance.

Q: What are Stars for?
A: Right now, Stars don’t do anything; but collecting them will allow you to buy awesome Things, gizmos, and cosmetic items in the future!!

Q: Why Early Access?
A: While we still have a lot of work ahead of us, we think the game is in a state good enough to start having players join, explore, and adventure! With our built-in tools, we’ll be able to directly receive feedback from everyone, as well.

Q: When Early Access ends, will the game be free?
A: Yes! Find Everything’s full release will be free for everyone to play.

Q: I found an area that looks unfinished. Should I panic?
A: Don’t worry, we most likely know! Keep an eye out for WIP Possum signs, and feel free to break out of map boundaries. As long as you’re having fun and not cheating!

Q: Is this game’s soundtrack DMCA?
A: No! We have an OST by composer superstars like SkyTheFloof, wheel_able, & beeni! If you’re recording videos of Find Everything, don’t be afraid to leave that sound cranked up!

Q: Does this game support mobile/controllers?
A: Yes! Certain features may be a little less polished or less functional on controllers, though— mainly GUI such as the Thingdex. We’re working on it!

Q: How many Things are there to find?
A: Over 200 and counting!

Q: Will my game save in Early Access?
A: Yes! However, later in development, we may need to restart save files in a certain way, so keep that in mind!

Q: Why are there no Badges?
A: Badges will be arriving soon! We’re working on something that will automate badge image creation, which will let us add many Things to the game without having to worry about the extra overhead of asset creation.

Q: I encountered a bug, or want to submit feedback. Where can I do this?
A: The ingame Send Feedback button is your best bet! It’s the little yellow button on the bottom menu bar. You can send the developers a quick message detailing what’s up and how you’re feeling!

Q: I found a bright green star and my game crashed.
A: It’s okay.