Find in all scripts causing studio to stop responding when Ctrl+Shift+F is used in the viewport




No search results show up, and everything stops responding. Studio needs to be restarted.
Happens every time.

Also, sub-bug:
When the find in all scripts hotkey is pressed for the first time in this situation, nothing happens. You have to press it again (after a short wait, as spamming it doesn’t do anything) to get the prompt to open.


I haven’t experienced a crash due to the Find panel before, but I always notice an extreme drop in performance (maybe 0.5 FPS) whenever that particular panel is highlighted.

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Have you used the hotkey in the viewport like I said in the title? Viewport being looking into the actual game, not in the script editor.

And what do you mean by highlighted exactly? :thinking:

Yes, I open the Find Results panel with Ctrl+Shift+F. By “highlighted” I just mean that I have it in focus. The script editor and everything else works fine, it’s just that specific panel that seems to be performing very poorly.

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